Local SEO Company Advises Creating Multiple Mirror Pages for SEO

Is Your Local SEO Company Correct To Tell You To Create Multiple Mirror Pages for SEO
Creating multiple mirror pages for SEO is a good practice that you should implement if you want to increase your ranking with Google. This is an example of “white hat” SEO that many a local SEO company and webmaster fails to follow.
If you believe the above statement, you’re probably been duped by a so-called guru. Hopefully you haven’t paid for any of his services or material, because he is not telling you the truth. If a local SEO company really is as professional as they advertise themselves to be, they will be aware of the following points.
Essentially, making many pages with very similar or identical content is a very common practice in the world of Black Hat SEO, the practice of of trying to increase a website’s page rank through means that violate the search engines’ terms of service.
In fact, creating multiple pages with identical content, which is basically what we’re talking about, is a terrible idea that not only doesn’t improve your SEO score, but can really harm your ranking.
What ARE mirror pages? A mirror site, according to Webopedia, is a full, identical copy of a website or page that is put under a different URL. The most common use for mirror sites is to help handle server traffic by spreading it over several locations, often on different continents. In fact, this is a very practical solution.

Local SEO Company - Do Not Duplicate Site Content
Don’t Duplicate Site Content, It Can Hurt Your Rankings

Don’t Duplicate Your Pages
Creating many identical pages for SEO, on the other hand, is quite different and a huge no-no. Kay Singh included this in his list of 11 SEO Tactics You Should Avoid At All Costs. I couldn’t agree more.
Even SEO experts seem to be a bit uncertain about this, for some reason. One asked a question as late as June 2016 about the SEO impact of redirecting high ranking mirror site to the main website. Some of the answers submitted are definitely risky.
It’s okay to ask for advice on an SEO forum, but there are no guarantees and definitely some real risks in getting some really bad advice. Your best practice, if your website is important to you and your business, is to look for a local SEO company who will work with you and for you. They are your neighbors and it’s in their best interest for their own business ot give you excellent and professional service. They are also very aware of the facts discussed here.
Search Engine Genie says that even with all the warnings about the risks of using mirror sites, they are still a major problem for the search engines. A very common reason for this is the high use of website builders which tend to produce a lot of similar or identical content. Although these practices are risky and potentially harmful to your SEO, there is something worse.
The practice that is even worse than those described above is one that was heavily marketed and promoted a few years ago by some of the very popular network marketing gurus. They convinced a lot of people that it was a super smart SEO trick that would really boost their ranking.

Beware, the Gurus
In fact, these self-proclaimed gurus created and marketed software that they assured people they were using successfully. They showed their Clickbank, Paypal and other stats showing just how successful they were because of what they were doing.
Essentially, they were selling software that did nothing more than allow the user to create multiple mirrors, or identical web pages, which they they would place on their website. You read that correctly. Not only were they advocating and even selling the idea of creating multiple mirror sites, but they were telling their buyers to put multiple pages of identical content on the same URL! The idea was to demonstrate the importance of the content to the search engines by repeating it multiple times on different pages on the same website.
The search engines have a term for this. They call it spamming the search engines or spamdexing. The list of things considered spamdexing has been around since at least as far back as 2005, and includes creating multiple pages of identical content for a website, yet it continues to be practiced.
It’s not just Google that considers this to be spam. While that might be the most important search engine (okay, of course they are the most important), Yahoo and Bing also consider it spam, as does MOZ. It is not a good SEO practice, but is considered Black Hat SEO.

Don’t Go Black Hat
No article on duplicate content is really complete without talking about a related black hat technique, called keyword stuffing. Google, themselves, offer a very good example of this on their page about irrelevant keywords. This is the practice of repeating the same keyword over and over again in an unnatural and therefore irrelevant manner, with the ironic goal of making a website more relevant for that search term.
When these practices are combined, you have a classic case of black hat SEO, which in today’s world will unquestionably get you penalized by the search engines that count most.
Don’t be fooled by marketing gurus trying to pass themselves off as SEO experts, claiming that they’ve figured out the latest Google algorithm and how to get around it. Google has already started using Artificial Intelligence (AI), which learns continually using neural networks that grow day and night, 24/7, layer by layer, and have nothing but time to learn how to spot search engine spam.

Take Pride In Your Content

Local SEO Company the mystery planet
The Mystery Planet

This is very good for any of us who take pride in creating quality, unique content, because we will no longer be competing with cheaters. For those who are looking for shortcuts, this isn’t good news, because spamdexing’s day has come. In the very near future, all search engine companies and directories that matter will be using AI, and there will be no place for black hat SEO to hide.
Your best bet for ranking your website on Google and the others is to hire a local SEO company that has a good reputation for results. They will tailor your website for your best ranking, and won’t break your bank doing it.

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